Hi, I’m Dominik Moritz

I’m a PhD candidate in the Paul G. Allen School at the University of Washington. I work with Jeff Heer and Bill Howe in the Interactive Data Lab and the Database Group.

I research scalable interactive systems for visualization and analysis. My systems have won awards at premier academic venues and are used by the Python and JavaScript data science communities.

I am on the research faculty market this year. Please get in touch if you are hiring.

During my first year at UW, I received support from the Fulbright program. In 2013, I received my B.S. from Hasso Plattner Institute. I am a scholar of the German National Academic Foundation. I have worked with the Open Knowledge Foundation, Google Research, and Microsoft Research. Details are in my CV.

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  • I passed my general exam and am now a PhD candidate.
  • Draco receives the best paper award at InfoVis 2018.
  • I am organizing the DSIA Workshop at VIS 2018 in Berlin.
  • Vega-Lite is featured by Nature as a visualization tool for interactive and reproductible publishing.
  • Vega-Lite 2.1 released with support for geographic maps.
  • Vega-Lite is used for illustrations in “Making Data Visual” by Danyel Fisher and Miriah Meyer.


Feb 11–13, 19 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Dec 18–23, 18 Visit Streamlit, Observable, OmniSci and UC Berkeley, Bay Area
Dec 12–12, 18 TVM and Deep Learning Compiler Conference, Seattle
Oct 21–26, 18 VIS, Berlin
Oct 20–21, 18 Information+, Potsdam
Oct 7–12, 18 Progressive Data Analysis and Visualization, Schloss Dagstuhl
May 16–14, 18 OpenVis Conf, Paris
Apr 24–27, 18 NC State, Raleigh
Nov 11–17, 17 Connecting Visualization and Data Management Research, Schloss Dagstuhl