Hi, I’m Dominik Moritz

I’m faculty at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and an ML researcher at Apple . I design and build interactive systems for visualization and analysis. At CMU, I co-lead the Data Interaction Group.

I received my PhD from the Paul G. Allen School at the University of Washington, where I worked with Jeff Heer and Bill Howe in the Interactive Data Lab and the Database Group.

My systems have won awards at premier academic venues and are used by the Python and JavaScript data science communities.

Dominik Moritz

During my first year at UW, I received support from the Fulbright program. In 2013, I received my B.S. from Hasso Plattner Institute. I am a scholar of the German National Academic Foundation. I have worked with the Open Knowledge Foundation, Google Research, and Microsoft Research. Details are in my CV.

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Latest News

  • At Apple, we released Swift Charts.
  • At Apple, we released Audio Graphs.
  • My dissertation won the IEEE VGTC Outstanding Dissertation Award.
  • Starting faculty position at CMU HCII.
  • Adam and I founded the Data Interaction Group at CMU.
  • I started working at Apple.
  • I submitted my dissertation.
  • I passed my final exam (thesis defense).
  • I passed my general exam and am now a PhD candidate.
  • Draco receives the best paper award at InfoVis 2018.

Latest Travel

Mar 24–22, '23 Columbia, NYC
Oct 16–21, '22 IEEE VIS, Oklahoma
Apr 30–May 5, '22 ACM CHI, New Orleans
Oct 24–29, '21 IEEE VIS, Online
Oct 25–30, '20 IEEE VIS, Online
Dec 9–13, '19 NeurIPS, Vancouver
Oct 29–Nov 1, '19 OSDC, San Francisco
Oct 20–25, '19 VIS, Vancouver
Jun 24–27, '19 Remote Week, Bay Area
May 4–9, '19 CHI, Glasgow