Angler: Helping Machine Translation Practitioners Prioritize Model Improvements

Samantha Robertson, Zijie J. Wang, Dominik Moritz, Mary Beth Kery, Fred Hohman

Dead or Alive: Continuous Data Profiling for Interactive Data Science

Will Epperson, Vaishnavi Gorantla, Dominik Moritz, Adam Perer
Best Paper Honorable Mention

DashQL – Complete Analysis Workflows with SQL

André Kohn, Dominik Moritz, Thomas Neumann

Data Navigator: An accessibility-centered data navigation toolkit

Frank Elavsky, Lucas Nadolskis, Dominik Moritz

Designing Data: Proactive Data Collection and Iteration for Machine Learning Using Reflexive Planning, Monitoring, and Density Estimation

Aspen Hopkins, Fred Hohman, Luca Zappella, Xavier Suau Cuadros, Dominik Moritz
Artificial Intelligence & Human-Computer Interaction Workshop at ICML in Honolulu, Hawaii 2023

Combining Degree of Interest Functions and Progressive Visualization

Marius Hogräfer, Dominik Moritz, Adam Perer, Hans-Jörg Schulz

Draco 2: An Extensible Platform to Model Visualization Design

Junran Yang, Péter Ferenc Gyarmati, Zehua Zeng, Dominik Moritz
Best Paper Honorable Mention

Average Estimates in Line Graphs are Biased Toward Areas of Higher Variability

Dominik Moritz, Lace Padilla, Francis Nguyen, Steven Franconeri
Best Paper Honorable Mention

Model Compression in Practice: Lessons Learned from Practitioners Creating On-device Machine Learning Experiences